CSCO Regional Sport & Recreation Exchange a success in Mississauga !

On Sat, May 5, seven Community Sport Councils got together to network and share information. The 35 people in attendance were from the following Community Sport Councils in Ontario;

  • Mississauga Sports Council (Host)
  • Sport Aurora
  • Sport Durham
  • Sport Oakville
  • Burlington Sport Alliance
  • TO Accessible Sports Council
  • Toronto Sports Council

Claudina Sula from the Mississauga Sports Council Board of Directors opens the day with a Welcome from their Board & Municipality!

What followed was a introduction to the Canadian Sport Film Festival from Alana Nugent, Director Marketing & Communications consisting of four parts. 1. Intro from ED Russell Field 2. Intro from 2018 Canadian Film Festival program-June 8-10 at TIFF Bell Lightbox, Two short films; The Runners & Kickstart & and then Kevin Arnsdorf provided an introduction to two business ideas for CSC’s to consider;

  1. Film Festival Ticket drive
  2. Community Sports Movie night pilot 

The following topics were presented & discussed during the day;

  • Community Sport Report Card-Julie Stevens-Center for Sport Capacity Brock
  • Enhancing relationship infomercials-Provincial Sport Associations such as Coaching Association of Ontario, Sport4ontario, Aboriginal Sport & Wellness Council of Ontario, Central Counties Tourism provided a review of services offered to Ontario
  • Lunch & video booth (All CSC’s were interviewed on their impacts to their communities and a video is now in production stage for use in future promotion of local community sport councils in Ontario)
  • Community storytelling-all CSC’s were asked to share their benefits to their communities
  • Networking and sharing of ideas of how to be sustainable-all CSC’s shared ideas which have lead to their individual success & sustainability
  • Closing remarks from CSCO Board Members Ron Weese/Jeff Carmichael