Niagara Sport Commission


The Niagara Sport Commission is a regional development agency that uses sport as a catalyst for economic (sport tourism) and community (active healthy lifestyle programs) development within the Niagara Region.


The Niagara Sport Commission is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to using sport in building partnerships among business, government, and community organizations to leverage Niagara’s combined resources for the benefit of the sport organizations to leverage Niagara’s combined resources for the benefit of the sport organizations and residents of the Region. The NSC is committed to making a case for the value of sport and its contribution to Niagara’s economy and well-being. The NSC offers a wide variety of services to enhance the sport offerings in the Niagara Region. The staff works to enhance the lives of community members and foster economic development through sport. Their services include:

  • Event management and operations
  • Marketing and sponsorship
  • Media and community relations
  • Community sport programming
  • Volunteer management
  • Economic impact assessment
  • Revenue generation
  • Operations and logistics
  • Hotel coordination
  • Professional training and development


Foster economic and community development through sport


To enhance the economic, social, and personal health of Niagara residents through sport and physical activity


To be the premiere centre for sport and recreation in Ontario

Values & Guiding Principles:

  • Keep it fun – keep a positive attitude and contribute to a positive atmosphere
  • Fair play – play honestly and obey the rules
  • Respect – respect teammates, competitors, and officials, on and off the field
  • Advocacy – work on behalf of participants, volunteers, and organizations
  • Cooperation & collaboration – work together
  • Stay healthy – respect your body, keep in shape, and avoid unsafe activities
  • Give back – contribute to a thriving community


  • Support Niagara’s sport organizations to deliver high quality sport and physical activity programs
  • Leverage Niagara’s combined resources for the benefit of sport organizations, businesses, and local residents
  • Facilitate equity and access to sport facilities and programs in Niagara
  • Create sustained sources of revenue for the Niagara Sport Commission
  • Coordinate and support local efforts to attract and host sporting events
  • Support the development of a trained volunteer workforce in the Niagara Region


For more information about the Niagara Sport Commission and their offerings, please visit their website or contact Bram Cotton.