About Us

Who Are We?

The Community Sport Councils Ontario (CSCO) was incorporated in 2009. In March 2011, the CSCO received a 24-month Ontario Trillium grant for business planning and Community Sport Council (CSC) support to continue the work of CSC development across¬†Ontario. The CSCO will continue to provide support and leadership to all of Ontario’s CSCs to help them become stronger.


Provide leadership and support in the ongoing development and sustainability of Community Sport Councils in Ontario.


Be a leading voice for Community Sport in Ontario:

  • Promote the value of sport participation;
  • Engage and encourage the development of community and regional sport;
  • Recognize community leadership, volunteerism, and sport achievement;
  • Facilitate a networking of sport partnerships;
  • To be part of the planning and delivery of the Legacy Fund of the 2015 Pan Am Games

Be the catalyst for change for Community and Regional Sport Councils in Ontario:

  • Promote the benefits of local and regional sport councils;
  • Advocate a new revenue based business model;
  • Encourage the development of sport councils at all levels;
  • Introduce new non-traditional partnerships to¬†Ontario Sport Councils;
  • Effectively communicate with all sport councils and partners;
  • Promote business training and development for all sport councils and partners