Burlington Sport Alliance


The Burlington Sport Alliance is a collaboration of sporting organizations that work cooperatively to provide a collective voice for the ongoing promotion and education of the benefits of sport within Burlington. It recognizes sport volunteers, sport builders, and athletes each year and supports the values and principles of True Sport and ParticipACTION.


The Burlington Sport Alliance is a collective voice for sport in Burlington, providing leadership and support for the advancement of sport, recreation, and active healthy living in collaboration and cooperation with our membership, partners, and other stakeholders.


The Burlington Sport Alliance will act as the conduit for sport organizations to use the collective strength of their voices to influence the positive development of the sport and recreation environment in the City of Burlington.


The goals of the Burlington Sport Alliance are:

  • To promote and facilitate communication between sport organizations
  • To promote sport in the City of Burlington through sport recognition activities and awards ceremonies
  • To act as a source of sport information for the community
  • To improve the level of sport funding by collaborative grant proposals, sharing projects, and advocacy
  • To assist with policy development related to sport
  • To assist with the effective planning of sport facilities
  • To provide liaison with corporate and government organizations


For more information about the Burlington Sport Alliance and their offerings, please visit their website or contact Janet Foley, President at burlingtonsportalliance@gmail.comĀ