Ottawa Sport Council


The Ottawa Sport Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to representing sport in the nation’s capital.

Through support and encouragement, they strive to create and nurture sport environments that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, culture, income-level, and ability. As an advocate of sport, they work to:

  • Promote the value and benefits of sport
  • Raise the profile of amateur organizations
  • Produce educational resources
  • Encourage sport tourism


The Ottawa Sport Council acts as the united voice for sport for all. Its mission is to enrich the sporting experience in our nation’s capital by promoting healthy living, celebrating sports excellence, and making programs more accessible – so everyone is free to participate.


To be the Canadian leader in facilitating a quality and inclusive sport environment where:

  • Everyone is encouraged and valued for their contribution to sport
  • Everyone sees participation in sport as an integral and vibrant part of their daily lives and the health of their community
  • Everyone has the opportunity to develop their skills, confidence, and to enhance their enjoyment through participation in sport
  • Ottawa athletes are provided with the opportunity to achieve consistent world-class performance


In accordance with the Canadian Sport Policy, the Ottawa Sport Council will provide support to the sport sector by:

  • Providing the community with educational resources
  • Creating programs that promote physical literacy
  • Emphasizing the importance of sustainability
  • Helping the public and private sectors work together
  • Ensuring that funding is used properly
  • Improving processes and performance

The organization will fulfill its mandate by delivering high-quality services in a cost-effective manner – with a focus on client satisfaction. The Ottawa Sport Council’s directors and officers will always act in the community’s best interests.


Although sport enriches our lives in countless ways, many get involved simply because it is fun to do so. In fostering that, the Ottawa Sport Council’s actions are guided by the belief that sport should be inclusive, ethical, innovative, and respectful. That means the organization will always:

  • Ensure everyone has the opportunity to get involved, regardless of background
  • Exercise transparency and work with like-minded individuals and organizations
  • Deploy creative solutions to ensure long-lasting financial viability
  • Cooperate with and support our members and partners proactively


For more information about the Ottawa Sport Council and their offerings, please visit their website or contact Marcia Morris.