Sport Aurora


Sport Aurora began as the Aurora Community Sport Council in 2005, when a group of representatives of seven community sport organizations came together to discuss challenges and opportunities facing a predominately youth sport in the Town of Aurora.

In the past five years, Sport Aurora has grown from the seven original sport organizations to now include sixteen organizations in Aurora. Currently, Sport Aurora represents 31 sport organizations, with a volunteer base of over 2,500, and a player base that approaches 10,000 people from 3 to 80 years of age.

Additionally, Sport Aurora has participated in the development of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan and Pricing Policies that are now in place with the Town of Aurora. The Town has called upon the membership numerous times to provide advice with respect to the direction of sport and Sport Aurora has now become the “voice” of sport in the Town of Aurora.


Support and develop sport in our community by advocating on behalf of our member organizations in order to build capacity, increase participation, enhance integration, and celebrate excellence.


Sport Aurora is committed to be a progressive, dynamic sport council that promotes, develops, and supports quality sport opportunities for all sport organizations.


Sport Aurora is an important and integral part of the life of all Aurorans, inclusive of all ages, genders, and abilities. So what does Sport Aurora believe in?

  • That sport is a positive agent for change – physically, emotionally, socially, and economically
  • Working together for the common good of sport
  • Providing sport opportunities for all
  • Demonstrating honesty, integrity, and respect in their roles as community leaders in sport
  • Promoting the benefits of sport participation for all
  • Encouraging a safe, healthy, friendly, and fun environment for all in sport
  • Respecting all participants equally from the playground to the podium
  • Encouraging fair play and adhering to the spirit of the rules
  • Providing strong leadership support for our local sport organizations
  • Recognizing the importance of volunteers’ contribution to sport
  • Celebrating participation successes and expertise
  • Working in partnerships and sharing resources and expertise both internally and externally
  • Develop, retain, and recognize competent, ethical, and certified coaches and officials


For more information about Sport Aurora and their offerings, please visit their website or contact Laurie Mueller.