Issues & Initiatives

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Canadian Sport for Life

Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) is a movement to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. CS4L links sport, education, recreation, and health to community, provincial, and national programming.

CS4L utilizes a seven-stage (Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD)) training, competition, and recovery pathway to guide an individual’s experience in sport and physical activity from infancy through all phases of adulthood. Canadian Sport for Life, coupled with LTAD, represents a paradigm shift in the way Canadians lead and deliver sport and physical activity.

LTAD stems from a compilation of science, research, and decades of experience that suggests kids and adults will get active, stay active, and even reach the greatest heights of sport achievement if they do the right things at the right times.

There are seven stages within LTAD:

  • Stage 1: Active Start
  • Stage 2: FUNdamentals
  • Stage 3: Learn to Train
  • Stage 4: Train to Train
  • Stage 5: Train to Compete
  • Stage 6: Train to Win
  • Stage 7: Active for Life

Want an introduction to physical literacy? Check this out (PDF)! Learn more about the LTAD here.

Club Excellence

The Club Excellence program is based on a set of 30 standards which are supported by tools and resources to help community clubs. It was developed by a group of like-minded organizations who came together around the development and delivery of a national, workshop-based program designed to help sport clubs provide quality programming and effective club management practices.

True Sport

True Sport is a series of programs and initiatives designed to give people, communities and organizations the means by which to leverage the many benefits of sport from a platform of shared values and principles. Through public consultation, Canadians have told us that they want their sport experience to be based on the values of fairness, excellence, inclusion, and fun.


HIGH FIVE is Canada’s quality standard for children’s programs. Before HIGH FIVE, no standard existed and there was a clear need for an innovative approach to help organizations enhance program quality and provide positive experiences for children, which would remain with them for a lifetime.

Respect in Sport

Respect Group has enlisted internationally acclaimed curriculum partner, the Canadian Red Cross (Respect Education), and created a best-in-class e-learning platform, designed for mass consumption. Expert content and a professional on-line certification model round out Respect Group’s fully outsourced risk management/behavior change solutions for sport, schools and the workplace.

Our Mission is to empower people to recognize and prevent bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD) through interactive, online certification.

Our Vision is to eliminate bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination by inspiring a global culture of respect.

Sport Mediation/Dispute Resolution

CSCO does not provide sport mediation or sport dispute resolution services. If you have an issue for which you need professional assistance, you should:

  1. Consult with your provincial or national sport organization as they may have policies in place to assist you
  2. Utilize the services of the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre or Sport Law and Strategy Group
Risk Management

Any organization that provides a sport program for the general public is legally obliged to institute risk management policies and procedures. Some national or provincial sport organizations will be able to assist you with developing your risk management policies, as they have templates and other resources that they can share with you.

Below are a number of other resources that you may utilize to assist you in developing or enhancing your risk management program:
Public Safety Canada – Guideline for Volunteer Screening
Legacies Now: Risk Management Guide for Community Sport Organizations
Insurance Bureau of Canada
Volunteer Canada – Screening
Government of Ontario – Police Information and Vulnerable Sector Checks
Imagine Canada: Insurance and Liability Resource Centre for Non-Profits


Concussions and other brain injuries are becoming more prevalent in sport. To learn more about prevention and access to other valuable resources, please visit:
Parachute Canada
Stop Concussions
Sport Concussion Library